What I Need

Am I alone in this game 

Can I win it all another way 

I don’t mind if I test my fate 

I know what it’s for 

Can I look inside it’s eyes

See everything that I need 

I can understand what I have 

I know what it’s for

I know it’s all around me

I bet it’s just what I need

It’s not my only mission

Head’s up it’s just what I need

How long has it all been here

My god it’s just what I need 

I can’t take it for granted

I know it’s name

Wake up and know I found it

Lay it out and let it sink in

I won’t hold my head down to it

I know what it’s for 

Take a look it’s not broken 

Look at how it make’s it fade away

It’s another thing that sets in

I know what it’s for

It's not overrated I see that I made it

Fuck that shit I hate it

I know it’s just not better than this 

If I let it all come undone I know I won’t start it again

I know I’m not the only one and I can take it 

You see I’m not dead

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