I have left this in the dark

Still been in the way

Haven't seen the signs at all who knows

And all the promises have past

Knew it wouldn't last

I can feel it sit and burn alone

And I have to take the long way back inside my mind

I won't harm the angry walk along that line

Haven’t seen the end

I can't take this in

I know I have come unglued

Never take a step away

Wake another sin it's all around

Buried in this skin

Wish away what suffered time has not set in

Let this die and take away empty pride

I won't come back in

It has all been said and done

Mend it back to stay

I am blinded by the scent and sounds

It has all been in the way

All the debt that's not been paid

Set me up and I know I'll fall again.

I know I can't feed this sober and I'll starve this time

I’m the enemy

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