Set Free

I ain’t ever gonna take you with me

You’re the only one that I will set free

I won’t ever tell you again

That you are no longer my friend 

I don’t need you asking why 

I felt every bit of this pain

You take all my anger in vain

I am sick now by what I thought of you

I won’t take a second look at what’s so overrated 

That self indulgent part of you has

Left me seeing red

I ain’t ever gonna take you with me

You’re the only one that i will set free

I don’t mind if you think I’m out of line

Make another day look so faded 

Have you ever thought why you’re hated

You ain’t ever gonna be part of my life

I break everything from within 

Lies take hold of what you have been

I have burnt you from my mind

I wait under enemy skies

You send every bit of goodbye 

I’ve got Payment by the last sight of you

Your adolescent ways have been tearing in my head

You take another step back to where we’ve been

I ain’t ever gonna let you come back in

You’re my perfect sin now that I’ve been broken

I know your times running thin

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