New Life

I've made the best of what i've been dealt in this fuckin’ life 

Take me into another sky and i’ll know I'll be alright 

i know the consequences there are none involved here

Until the day i come back again

i can’t handle this 

I wanna’ new life now 

i can’t take it

It’s all been broken down 

Cut and empty I need the quick way out

I’m not breathin’ 

I wanna’ new life now

Make it the only thing that i find destined in my life 

I’ll be the one who says it’s over and take back this fight

I felt the aggravation I’m not hung up on it 

I took the beating now I’m done with it

Take it leave it I know the way there

Make it find it it’s what I’m made to see

I can’t come here after I’m away from this

Don’t look back in anger it’s not what I’ll miss

I’ll take what is given and i’ll still crave

It I’ll get what I’m after and I’ll stay

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