I know you waited everyday here alone

Have I mistaken anything thats unknown

I see this ring around me

It's not the same that you see

Come down and see this sorrow burn

In time, I'm in

Maybe it's just me

Maybe I'm just different

Maybe I'm just different

I set it up to be

Maybe it's just misery

Maybe it's just misery

I have awaken everything thats in me

In time I faded all there is to be

I feel this aching in me

Burned out and saddened to see

All that's set and time to turn

In time, I'm in

I know I am in the way

Lies that cut and set the pain

Make my time soon fade away

All that's left are blackened days

Light it up I'll stay around to find you

Break away and hide the day that I knew 

I won't be the same

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