My own mind takin’ a beatin’

My own mind you know what I’m feelin’

My own mind you see that I’m dealin’ 

My own mind you know there's no reason 

My own mind

And if I gazed into my head would i find the comfort 

That calm and destined part of me that hasn’t suffered 

I haven’t ever made it back from where I started 

Can’t run away from this instead it’s got a hold of my mind can’t release it

And if i wanted to let go could i find the pleasure 

i know it wouldn’t be enough to change forever

Can I make all the blackened thoughts in my head lose their infection

The virus spreads inside of me

It’s got a hold of my mind can’t release it

And my destiny is up in arms again 

I know I’m not fit to walk in light of this 

Cracked and blackened eyes that sit inside my head

I can make it back cause i’ve seen death

My own mind, it‘s my, my own mind

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