Let Go

All the time won't last

Don't let it slip away

You walk alone blinded by

the fear that's in today

And you played it safe

You stayed there all alone

Wish away your time is spent

Afraid of the unknown

Let go of all of it

The futures way too bright

For any of that

Let go untie your hands

Don't wait another day

It's all in where you stand

All the pain of past

A sore that's left in salt

She looks into her mother's eyes

And knows it's not her fault

The enemy is in your head

Leave it in the dark

Time won't heal your wall to climb

Doubt in your remarks

And the wait has been too long

Buried life in you

Let it out and feed the blame

This debt is overdue

Reasons why light the skies

No plot against your fate

Your illusion

Steal what's in your way

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