I’ll Let You Know

I'm not gonna make it I've got a way to go

Take in everything thats left here to know yeah

I haven't ever set in stone this blood that hasn't been

Maybe I'll have read what's stained in my skin

I'll let you know when every thing's alright

Let it burn burn to make it right

And I won't say to you what’s inside my mind

I'll let you know when every thing's alright

That's it its all or nothing I won't give half of this

Divide everything that I might have missed yeah

This vision now has set me up advise your enemy

Fall out or take the time of what’s left to be

I won't be

Sight unseen

Made up of white lies carelessly opened

Time has a choke hold that can't be broken

Medicate, mediate I can't sue a thin mind

It's made a machine out of me

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