Have I

I have never closed my eyes 

Always seen the way you try

To make everything all right

Have you just wasted your time 

Letting all my thoughts unwind

And having me say that 

It’s all me I’m damned to be

In your eyes there’s no goodbyes

I haven’t made you understand

I thank you for your light

I think you for you might

All my wrongs that you made right

Have i told you you’re my life 

Time has shown what’s been unseen

You were always caught between faith 

And Making your own way

Put asleep the red in me

Fade to light so I can see

What hasn’t been broken

Before I met you I was blind

Lost and cracked inside my mind

You’re the one that made me stay

Your eyes have healed the place I’ve been

I’d give my life to breath you in

All I need is in today

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