Have a look it's another thing you haven't noticed
Never lost what has been unseen
Take the long way I know I'll be here a while
Find the past and awaken me
Time out need a minute to collect this
It's all that I have to find a way
I know that it's time to redirect it	
Let in all that you have had in me 

It's not over, I'm not burning out
Find closer that's not what we want to hear and
Defend, invade have no sign of doubt
I can't take it I won't run away 

Taken back all of what I have been in the past and 
Send the light that will cover me
Fallen out and awaken by what has been real and
Never blind but have never seen
Sign in sign out never had to think this
Why this time has been left on me
Sit still this will only hurt a moment
Make good find the light along the way
This crime was committed accidently
Now this is my time I have to pay

And if I did this would you ever want to come and save me
And I have lost enough now can you ever come and take me
Alone hasn't been a friend to me
I know there will come a day  
When I have nothing else to say 

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