Comin’ Back

Haven't ever taken time to look within

All the promises are now just wearing thin yeah

Take another step get lost along the way

Have a look inside my eyes forget the day

Haven't made dent and I'll walk away

I have wasted all my time and

Opened up my mind now

You walked across that line you're

Coming back around here again

It's another losing fight

Haven't lost my sight

Blinded by your light your

Coming back around here again

Made the time away look better than it's been

I have always felt the pain but not the sin

Set the time back just enough to heal the day

Fuck that it's done I haven't found a way

Lies and promises are gone and I have found

my way through

Time hasn't been the same

It has been lost in me

Signs of another way

Burn out and let it be

Signs that I am wasted

Live a life that's faded

Coming back around here again

Now you keep on coming back

Coming back around here again

Now you keep on coming right back

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