Break Again

How long is it gonna take

to make another round

I can't stand this lonely sound

The only sound they make

I look up and I figure it out

A long way to go

I won't breathe until it's found

I have opened up my eyes to see it all as one

It's a message that has been read

but hasn't been done

Can not it's in the way

I haven't had enough

Waited way too long

About to break again

And this isn't what it seems

Don't say what they mean

About to break again.

How long are you gonna wait

to make another stand

I have never seen a plan

Or one solid day

Hang around just to figure it out

Our time alone

In the moment they change whatever

has been done

I have taken every pill that hinders emotion

No more innocence remains

I can't take this in

Look around to find away

It’s their favorite sin

I am taken by

Lies that burn like cigarettes

It's amazing how you soon forget

When it all comes down your way

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