Back Down

Take everything that she says all away 

And see just what you will have left 

I know you have to live this way 

You made everything into nothing

Lie awake and soak the pain in

Your only love that says your hated

And got a hold on you til the end

Take or leave it you know that you need it

I won’t let you come back down

Fallen and angry said that you’d break free 

Lovin’ that taste that you found

If you scream will you be alright

It’s not enough you’re hanging on tight

Take or leave it you know that you need 

It i won’t let you come back down

Time again for you to sit and wonder

If you’re done having yourself suffer

Maybe if you look away you might ask yourself

If you’re worth it sickened by what you have

Followed it’s making everything so faded

It won’t ever come to an end

And you know you hate the pain but you haven’t left it

And you see you’re suffering but you hang on to it

She says she won’t ever touch that shit again

It’s a fact you know you will

Back Down, Back Down, Back Down

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