A Better Way

All I have been, it's all been a sin and I will fade away

Eyes that seem fed, it's all cut and wasted

Set in my decay

All one by one its easy to run, you find out the hard way

Been a long time of walking this fine line

The rest of me has paid

In the open I have bled out second to none

And the sight of your advice is over and done   

I can hear the way, light that's burned the day

I'll find a better way

And this feels the same, you've got me to blame

No sign of this remains

This has taken a bit of time, read the lines but not all the signs 

I am blinded by my mind to find a better way

I haven't won, it's all done and I walk away again

Broken by this light, the promise has taken sight

It's the safest way

And the time I wasted hasn't made me come undone

I am achin' by this debt and

I know just what your thinkin'

What else can I be missin'

Won't look back, tell me what you think of me know

I won't let it keep livin'

Had enough of forgivin'

Set in stone, and I won't ever let it come back 

Cut it out, let it burn and I'll break away

Set it up, let it down and I'll find the day

I sign away everything that I've been 

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